The Long Melford Neighbourhood Plan appendices are available as separate PDF documents. Please choose from the links below for the appendix you wish to read:

Appendix 1 – Parish Profile, Census Statistics

Appendix 2 – Residents Survey

Appendix 3 – Call for Sites

Appendix 4 – Parking Survey 2018

Appendix 5 – Traffic and Parking Group Report 2020

Appendix 6 – Schools Project

Appendix 7 – Business Forum Notes

N.B. Within some of these PDFs you will find occasional links to other documents or web pages. If when you have finished reading those links you click to leave them you will be returned to the start of the PDF document. To be returned to the point you had got up to in the PDF, click Ctrl (on a PC) or Cmd (on a Mac) at the same time as opening the link and it will open on a separate page. When you leave that page you will then return to your previous location within the PDF concerned.

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